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The Board of Directors of the Disharoon Ridge Unit Owner’s Association (DRUO) is delighted you are interested in our community. Our goal is to provide residents with needed information to properly navigate a great experience while staying in our community and to provide copies of our governing documents to parties needing these legal instruments, (please see Governing Documents Page).


Consider downloading the free Utilities Inc. phone app “eyeonwater” to monitor your water usage and detect leaks while you are not in your condo.  Detecting a running toilet or a small leak in a timely manner can save you a great deal of money.  See the details on the FAQ page in the discussion on the cost of utilities and have your water account number available when registering.

Paying you assessment fees:  Instructions for paying 2022 assessment fees have been sent to all owners by email and are also posted on this website on the Owner’s Roster and Assessments web page.

Bulk Trash Dates for 2022 Are Set:  Our community trash hut is used only for normal household garbage which is to be placed in plastic, tied garbage bags.  The code for the entry can be obtained from the DRUO board at disharoonridge@aol.com.  Any unusual trash must be retained and delivered to the North Gate Trash compound where recycling can be practiced.  But bulk trash (ex. large items/carpet/construction waste) must be retained until Bulk Trash Days which are listed below. Paper Shredding will also be available.

All dates are on Saturday and from 10 AM to 2 PM.
January 29, April 30, July 30, October 29

The following articles could be a great help in understanding the scope of condo ownership, the privileges and responsibilities, and understanding condo fees.  Avoid misconceptions and disappointment by being informed.  Condominium life can be delightful and liberating if you know what to expect and are properly prepared for community ownership.  We offer the following independently published articles to help each owner understand how their fees are determined and how they are used.  Download these short articles and read at your convenience.
1.  The distinctions between condominium and HOA (like Big Canoe POA) fees.
Condo Fees vs HOA fees
2.  4 Misconceptions about Condominiums.
4 Money Misconceptions About Condominiums
3.  An In-depth explanation of condominium fees (assessments).
Condominium Fees In-Depth

Big Canoe Property Owner’s New Owners Orientation:    Due to Covid19, the Big Canoe Property Owner’s New Owners Orientations are not being scheduled currently.  Check back in the future.  Questions? 706-268-3346.

Big Canoe Chapel Library Reopens:  The Big Canoe Chapel is happy to announce the library is now open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The library is open to all homeowners in Big Canoe and operates on a self-serve basis. In addition to a large-print collection, audio, and DVD options are also available along with children’s books and movies.  The honor system prevails in checking out materials from the collection. Books may be checked out for 21 days, movies and audiobooks for seven days. The check-out box is in the front room with instructions posted beside the box. Simply sign the card that is in the pocket of the book or DVD, add the date and your telephone number, and place the card in the box. Returns are to be placed in the cabinet in the hall beside the library door.

Additional event and community information may be found at bigcanoepoa.org , (your ID is your lot number), smokesignalsnews.com , insidethegates.org

Big Canoe POA Security and Emergency Systems Request:
Disharoon Ridge Unit Owners who may need special assistance during a community evacuation (or their tenants with medical issues) are requested to register with the Security and Emergency Systems to facilitate appropriate help and equipment.  The questionnaire form may be found on the Governing Documents Page of this website.


Owners or tenants may send emails to the Board of directors at the following email address.

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