Welcome to Disharoon Ridge Condo Asso. Website


The Board of Directors of the Disharoon Ridge Condominium Association (DRCA) is delighted you are interested in our community. Our goal is to provide residents with needed information to properly navigate a great experience while staying in our community and to provide copies of our governing documents to parties needing these legal instruments, (please see Governing Documents Page).


Consider downloading the free Utilities Inc. phone app “eyeonwater” to monitor your water usage and detect leaks while you are not in your condo.  It could save you a great deal of money.  See the details on the FAQ page in the discussion on the cost of utilities.

Upcoming Pest Control Treatments: Monday-August 10, 2020; Sept. 21, 2020; Nov. 16, 2020 (unless notified differently by email):
Generally, pest control scheduling occurs during odd months and generally on the third Monday.  Owners who have tenants residing in their units should notify them of upcoming visits. Please might mark your calendars for future reference. Email notifications are normally sent to owners as a reminder.

Bulk Trash Days:  October 31, 2020.  – See FAQ page for details and location.

New Owners Orientation:  November 5, at 3:00 PM.  September 12 at 9:00 AM.  All will meet in the Mountains Grille at the Clubhouse.  Questions? 706-268-3346.

Big Canoe POA Security and Emergency Systems Request:
Disharoon Ridge condo owners who may need special assistance during a community evacuation (or their tenants with medical issues) are requested to register with the Security and Emergency Systems to facilitate appropriate help and equipment.  The questionnaire form may be found on the Governing Documents Page of this website.


Owners or tenants may send emails to the Board of directors at the following email address.

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