4-Board Minutes-Past

4-Board Minutes-Past

Board Members meet quarterly to manage the Condominium Association. Minutes are shared with the Association members (Unit Owners) by email. The yearly Association calendar has been adjusted to coincide with the normal calendar year.  Once a year, usually in December, all Unit Owners are urged to meet together to discuss concerns regarding the Association, and to elect the Board Members for the coming year. If Owners cannot attend, they are asked to provide a “proxy” to insure we have a quorum. Without a quorum, elections cannot be held. All Owners will receive information and a copy of a proxy (if needed) by email and/or regular mail regarding dates and times before the Annual Meeting.

Below, you will find copies of minutes from the past 5 Annual Meetings, 

1. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2017
Board Meeting July 1- 2017

2. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2018
Annual Meeting 7-7-2018

3. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2019
Annual Meeting July 6 2019

4. Annual Meeting Minutes, August 1, 2020
Annual Meeting August 1, 2020

5. Annual Meeting Minutes, August 21, 2021
2021 DRUO Annual Meeting August 21