2-Meet The Board

2-Meet The Board

Board Members must be the owner of at least 1 condominium unit in the Disharoon Ridge Unit Owners Association. They do not need to actually live in a unit to serve on the board. Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting which is held, generally, around the beginning of December.  Board Members serve for one year beginning at the time of election at the annual meeting until the next election.

Current Board of Directors Members are as follows – (in alpha order):
James Duda – Treasurer
Harford Field – President
Barbara Hall – Secretary
Shirley Hensley – Director at large
Nick Tripi – Director at large

Owners may contact the Board with questions and concerns. Emails may be sent to the following email address: disharoonridge@aol.com

Volunteer Opportunities for Owners:

We all strive to keep assessment fees to a minimum for sake of all owners.  One way to accomplish this is by forming volunteer committees or volunteering individually to do many tasks which might otherwise require a professional service for our community.  The Board of Directors appreciates volunteers who are able and willing to help in this way.  If you see a need and are willing to help, please contact the board with your ideas and to gain permission and guidance to utilize your skill.

Proposed Committees for Volunteers: (Detailed areas of responsibility and focus of each committee, coming soon)

Architectural Control Committee

Landscaping – around buildings and parking lot area

Center Island Landscaping project

Hospitality (A) Welcome for new owners, (B) Holiday/social gatherings

Building Captains – Looking for needed repairs and possible violations needing attention by the board.   (One owner per building)