1-Governing Documents

1-Governing Documents

The Legal hierarchy of our community governing documents begins with the Big Canoe Property Owners Association’s (POA) General Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. These documents can be referenced at the Big Canoe Website, www.bigcanoepoa.org.

Following those documents, comes the Disharoon Ridge Condominium Declaration, which is the highest level of governance for our community, followed by our Bylaws then our Rules and Regulations.

The most relevant document for every day life here in the neighborhood is the Rules and Regulations (R&R). All residents and their guests/tenants should be well aware of what is expected to preserve our culture and be a “good neighbor”, and a knowledge of the Rules and Regulations (R&R) is the quickest way to be in command of those expectations. Also, a quick 1 page document has been prepared to summarize the R&R as a rapid orientation for those who are only staying for a very short visit, but it is recommended that all who will be in our area for an extended stay, should read and adhere to the principals in the full length R&R document. Below you will find links to download the Association’s Documents

1. Rules and Regulations “At a Glance” Summary
It is suggested that this document be posted or available in a conspicuous spot in units that are rented either long term or short term, and made available as a quick reference for visitors to any unit any time.
3-23-23-Rules & Regulations Summary revised 3-2023

2. Rules and Regulations – Full Version approved by the Board in 2016.
DRCA Rules & Regulations as of March 2023

3. Bylaws, approved by the Board in 2015.
2015 ByLaws

4. Declaration of Condominium – The original document from 1978 along with a 1980 Supplement. (This is a large document and may take some time to download).
1978 DeclrOfCondo&1980 Suppl

5. Amendment to Declaration of Condominium – Recorded in 1995.
1995 Declr Amendment

6. Amendment to Declaration of Condominium – Recorded in 2016
2015 Declr Amendment

7. Big Canoe POA Security and Emergency Systems Request:
Disharoon Ridge condo owners who may need special assistance during a community evacuation (or their tenants with medical issues needing assistance) are requested to register with the Security and Emergency Systems to facilitate appropriate help and equipment.  You may download the questionnaire form using the link below.


  1. Condo Insurance Declaration Pages and Coverage Alert:
    To quickly assist those who need a copy of the Condominium Associations’ Insurance Declaration Pages, We are providing the following link which can be used to download that information.
    ALERT:  The Condominium Association’s Insurance Policy states there is a $5000 deductible on each covered loss.  Unit Owners are advised to fill that insurance coverage gap plus any additional renovation coverage with their individual condominium insurance.  Please be advised that if damage occurs to a condo, the insurance only covers the cost of restoring a unit to its original design, both exterior and interior.  If your unit has been upgraded beyond its original design and you wish insurance coverage to provide that level of restoration, you must arrange to cover that cost with your individual insurance.
    STATE FARM INSC 2022-2023-2

9. Trash Hut Storage Space Rental Agreement Form:
Short list of storage choices and prices:
Bicycle Rack – $5/mo
23 cubic foot dry locker – $7/mo
27 cubic foot dry locker – $10/mo
Kayak / Paddleboard Bay – $10/mo

Please click on the  following link to download the rental form.
   Trash Hut space rental form