3-Owner’s Roster, Condo Budget & Assessments

3-Owner’s Roster, Condo Budget & Assessments

An Owner’s Roster is continually updated and maintained by the Disharoon Ridge Unit Owners (DRUO) Association Board Members. When the title is transferred from a previous owner to a new one because of a sale, this list is updated.  A copy of the complete current Owner’s Roster with the most current information can be requested from a Board Member at any time by legitimate unit owners only.

Generally, your lot number is your unit number.  If you own a unit with a B behind the unit number, your lot number is configured differently and has the number “10” inserted before the unit number.  The “B” is dropped.
For example, if your unit number is 431B, your lot number will be 10431. 


(Proposed Operating Budget for 2024)  Final presentation will be at the Owners Meeting in December.
2024 Budget

Condo assessments are paid to the DRUO Board in addition to your POA assessments. Generally, these assessments cover the costs of the following general categories:

  • Administration
  • Exterior Maintenance (except as noted below)#
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Fire and hazard insurance *
  • Exterior Maintenance Reserve Fund

* Condo assessments do include payment for building fire and hazard insurance however, owners must provide their own interior and content insurance.  And please be mindful that the Condo Insurance has a $5000 deductible limitation which you can arrange to cover with your own private insurance. 

Assessments are due on the 1st of every month.  Late or non payment of condo assessments results in penalties and interest on those penalties.  When received late, a Penalty of 10% and Interest of 1.5% monthly is added to the amount due.  In extreme cases a lien may be levied.

Explanation of Monthly Assessments

  • The Declaration 4.02 requires a budget to be established and assessments levied annually to cover projected costs.
  • Annual payments are possible and appreciated but discounts are not available for payments in advance.
  • Condo owners must contribute assessment fees developed by the legal founders of our governing documents and is based on an algorithm.  This is a fractional 3 decimal value based on the ratio of each units size relative to the total condominium square footage of all units in the condominium.  This weighted percentage is used to equitably pay for building maintenance, repairs, roofing, garbage removal, and electric service and upkeep of the common area which we all share. If you have a small unit, your assessments are less, and conversely, if your unit is large, you will pay more.  

Condo Assessment Fees for 2024 are the same as 2023

$$$ If paying by personal check please write your unit number on the note line or if issuing payment via online banking use your unit number (including the B if appropriate) as your account number. You may use your own phone number where it asks for the Payee phone number. Remember to give enough time, 7-10 days for your check to arrive to Big Canoe.

# NOTE:  Improvements and repairs inside of the condo’s inside-square-footage (including, e.g. your outdoor deck,  flooring and ceilings of these areas) are the responsibility of the condo owners. (For a detailed explanation, please see the FAQ page).  Fireplaces and washer/dryer units and their vents are the responsibility of the condo owners. For convenience, a list of service people and contractors is maintained at the POA offices.  The contact person for this information is Anita, 706-268-3390.

To know your building number, please refer to the following list which references your buildings “911” address:
Building 4 = 86 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 5 = 116 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 6 = 140 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 7 = 146 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 8 = 170 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 9 = 178 Sconti Ridge Dr.
Building 10 = 182 Sconti Ridge Dr.

Paying Condo Assessments: 
Checks should be made payable and mailed to:

DRUO Association
10896 Big Canoe
Jasper, GA  30143

Payment Options:
Payments may be submitted through the following on-line portal:

Please note:

  • Payments are due on the first of each month.
  • A grace period of five days is allowed.
  • Late payments will incur late fees and penalty interest.
  • Envelopes postmarked after the fifth (5th) of the month will be considered late.
  • Credit card or ACH payments are currently available.
  • There is no discount for annual prepayments.