3-Owner Directory & Condo Fees

An Owner list is continually updated and maintained by the Disharoon Ridge Condominium Association (DRCA) Board Members. The Board Member who generally receives new information first is the Treasurer, when the title is transferred from a previous owner to a new one due to a sale. A copy of the current owner file with the most current information can be requested from a Board Member at any time.

Note: Units are purchased and sold on an on-going bases so any file displayed here could be outdated.

Owners List – Alphabetical, as of July 13, 2020.
7-13-20 – DRCA Owners List

Condo fees are paid to the DRCA Board in addition to your POA fees. Generally, these fees cover outdoor maintenance, common area expenses such as dead tree removal, community lighting, new roofs, exterior repair and painting. Other services included are, garbage removal, termite control, bi-monthly interior pest-control, bi-annual chimney sweep service/minor fireplace repair and landscaping.  Condo fees also include building insurance however, owners must provide their own interior and content insurance.

2019, 2020, & 2021 condo fees will be increased to reflect the major project of repairing and painting all seven buildings in the Association.  This large expense follows the recent completion of all new roofs with no special assessment needed.

NOTE:  Improvements and repairs outside of the condo’s inside square footage (e.g. your outdoor deck, including flooring and ceilings of these areas) are the responsibility of the condo owners. For convenience, a list of service people and contractors is maintained at the POA offices.  The contact person for this information is Anita, 706-268-3390.

Document for downloading Condo Fees (Amounts valid for 2019, 2020, 2021)2019 – 2021 Annual Condo Fees