The following questions are of general concern:

Q: Do condo owners pay condo assessments as well as POA assessments?
A: Yes. Condo owners must contribute assessments, in accordance and in proportion with the square footage of their unit, to pay for building maintenance, repairs, roofing, and upkeep of the common areas which we all share. If you have a small unit, your assessments are less, and conversely, if your unit is large, you will pay more. This equitable arrangement was established in the very first legal document which defined our Association. It also has an up side, in that voting privileges are also weighted in the same respect. If you have a small unit, you vote on Association matters has less weight, and if you have a large unit, your vote has more impact. You can examine those weighted percentages in the Supplement to the original Declaration of Condominium document on the “Governing Documents” page. (It’s on one of the last pages near the end).

Q: How expensive are the utilities in the condo units?
A:  Electric rates are similar to other areas in Georgia and not considered excessive.  Water/Sewer rates are extraordinarily high in all of Big Canoe.  To avoid a monumental surprise on your water bill, you should consider downloading the Utilities Inc. app on your phone which monitors leaks and run-away toilet malfunctions while you are not present in your condo.  This free monitoring service has saved owners thousands of dollars.  Go to your phone app store and search for “eyeonwater”.  The icon is a blue drop of water on a white background.  You must have your Utilities Inc. account number to complete the installation. We have no propane utilities in the condo buildings.  The cost of trash removal from the trash building, the cost of bi-monthly pest control, and the cost of general maintenance in the common areas are all included in your condo assessment.

Q:  Do I need to take my normal household garbage to the community trash center by the North Gate?
A:  No.  We are blessed to have local trash pick-up service within the condo loop.  There is a Trash Shed at the top of the hill, in the common area.  However, there are restriction.  Only normal household garbage is allowed.  All normal household garbage must be bagged in regular household garbage bags and tied before depositing them in the Trash Shed.  Grocery take-out, or shopping bags are not acceptable as the seams tear open with little pressure from the larger bags and cause a mess.  An access code is necessary to open the door, and any board member will be happy to share that with you.  If you observe a non-condo person using this privilege, please report it to a board member as this will require a changing of the access code.  Only members of DRUO are allowed to use this trash service.  No Boxes or construction debris is allowed.  (Please see the next Q&A).

Q: If the Trash Shed is only for normal household garbage, what should I do with other trash?
A: The POA has a large trash collection area near the North Gate. They also promote recycling at this location, so you can make an environmental impact if you like by recycling. Cardboard boxes are not considered normal household garbage.  There is a recycle bin at the North Gate for cardboard boxes. Larger items and building materials should be held and discarded on “Bulk Trash Days” which are announced in advance by the POA.  The usual months designated for Bulk Trash collection are January, April, July and October. The POA provides large dumpsters for ANY trash on that day in the area called the “Bar Pit”, which is located on Hubbard Road (which is across from the North Gate Entrance). The area is on the left just before the Dawson County Fire Station 6.  They generally have a charitable organization present to take donations of sell-able items.  Also, POA provides a shredder on Bulk Trash Day unless notified otherwise.
The 2022 schedule for bulk trash days are as follows: (Paper Shredding will also be available).

All dates are on Saturday and from 10 AM to 2 PM.
January 29, April 30, July 30, October 29

Q:  Why are the decks and the deck floors and ceilings not included in the general maintenance covered by the Condo Association.
A:   Because of the lay of the land, each of the 7 condo buildings has been built to different specifications.  Because decks are far more varied in size and shape and because owners select to improve these outdoor areas in varied ways, they could not equitably be included under the general assessment design (see question above).  For example, buildings 4 and 5 have extremely small decks, whereas other buildings have larger ones and in the case of the three bedroom units, they have double decks (upper and lower).  It would not be fair for unit owners with almost no deck to support assessments to maintain larger ones.

Q: If I see someone who is disregarding our Rules and Regulations, may I say something to them?
A: Yes. We all strive, in a kind manner, to maintain a good neighbor attitude and demeanor. Normally we can assume the visitor, new tenant or new owner is unaware of the rules and regulations we have adopted to maintain a beautiful and congenial community. A simple sharing of information to make the offender aware of an infringement is usually enough to correct the situation and make a new friend. If continued disregard is noted, then a Board Member should be informed to take further action.

FAQ IN DEPTH.  Appropriate for Lenders and Other Legal Inquirers.

INFORMATION FOR LENDERS:  Download the following file for comprehensive information about the community and it’s configuration.
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