4-Board Minutes-Past

Board Members meet quarterly to manage the Condominium Association. Minutes are shared with the Association members (Unit Owners) by email. Once a year, usually on the Saturday closest to July 4th holiday, all Unit Owners are urged to meet together for a luncheon, served by the Board Members, to discuss concerns regarding the Association, and to elect the Board Members for the coming year. If Owners cannot attend, they are asked to provide a “proxy” to insure we have a quorum. Without a quorum, elections cannot be held. All Owners will receive information and a copy of a proxy (if needed) by email and/or regular mail regarding dates and times before the Annual Meeting.

Below, you will find copies of minutes from the past 5 Annual Meetings, 

1. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2016

2. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2017
Board Meeting July 1- 2017

3. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2018
Annual Meeting 7-7-2018

4. Annual Meeting Minutes, July, 2019
Annual Meeting July 6 2019

5. Annual Meeting Minutes, August 1, 2020
Annual Meeting August 1, 2020